Registration for the Sultans


Registration for the Sultans

The official registration of Los Laga Bai started on December 10th 2005 at Lenor N.V. (Fergusonstraat). The registration started with a good spirit and was very well-attented by the usual Los Laga Bai participants aswell as some new participants. At the end of the day we had already registered 157 participants. This is a sign of another promising year for Los Laga Bai.

Unlike the costume of 2006 shows, there are more than just two colors available. There will be in total 8 colors available. This is going to be a colorful year for Los Laga Bai. Similar to last year, this year the material will be supplied by Los Laga Bai. This as an effort to keep the participation cost payable and to ensure that uniformity in colors is met.

To participate, one need to register his or her name on the registration days and make a minimal down payment of Awg. 235,00 (Awg. 100,00 as down payment for the participation and Awg. 135,00 for the costume materials). This down payment is non refundable.

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