Celebration Around the Clock

Everytime the pointer of the clock hits 12 o' clock, one hour passes. And everyday that passes, we get closer to the tremendous celebration ahead of us. As soon as the year turns, every hour of every day, every sixty minutes that passes is marked by our diamond carnival celebration.

Every hour that passes means sixty minutes of celebration, bacannal, a true explosion of colors, creativity and fantasy.

Los Laga Bai present its design for carnival 60: Celebration Around the Clock.

The chosen design is a combination between two very similar designs that were submitted this year. The overal design was a creation of Yvonne van der Putten while the idea for the clock and the Celebration Around the Clock was submitted by Gershwin Lee. The clock was incorporated into the headpiece of the costume. The clock was inspired by the song of Lord Cachete during carnival 50: Walking Around the Clock. In order to add a symbolic kick to the celebration 60, the idea of the clock should represent the celebration of each hour, every sixty minutes.

Everybody agrees that carnival 60 should be elegant and unique. That is why the designers thought about the colors Wine Red and Gold. A lot of kings and queens in European countries use a so called "Royal Robe" when they take the throne. Willem Alexander used such a Royal Robe in the colors wine red and white.

The headpiece will be represented by the clock which signals every minute of every hour.



Female Costume Pix
Male Costume Pix


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