Fee before or on Februay 16, 2019Fee after February 16, 2019
Full Package (incl. Material)*Awg. 700,--Awg. 750,--
Warm-up Party OnlyAwg. 25,--Awg. 25,--
Cool Down Party onlyAwg. 60,--Awg. 85,--
Torch (Fakkel) ParadeAwg. 100,--Awg. 100,--


Similar to previous years, this year the material will be supplied by Los Laga Bai. This as an effort to keep the participation cost payable and to ensure that uniformity in color is met. The fee for materials is Awg. 250,00.

To participate, one need to register her or his name on the registration days and make a minimal down payment of Awg. 375,00 (Awg. 100,00 as down payment for the participation and Awg. 250,00 for the costume materials). This down payment is non refundable. There is an ATM swipe machine at our registration location (currently Centro Kibrahacha) for those who want to pay with debit cards.

An Awg. 50,00 penalty will apply to anyone who registers after February 16, 2019, or anyone who has not fully paid the participation fee. Please understand that the members of the organization also need to make the necessary final arrangements for the Lighting Parade.

Please register and pay as soon as possible. Thank you.

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