Lighting Parade

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Pirates ready for Lighting Parade
Pirates ready for Lighting Parade

A small Lighting Parade compared to last year but very impressive nonetheless. Los Laga Bai opened the parade as group number one and immediately set the tone for this classic parade. There is no doubt that we made a very good impression like always.

The Pirates at Boca Grandi came and conquerred the lighting parade with all their creativity and cheer from beginning till end. Even with the little time we had to decorate our costumes we must say that some of us out there were very creative.

We did have some problems with the generator at the beginning but those problems were fixed in a short period of time. Once that was running, there was nothing stopping Robert Jeandor and his Solo Banda Show to put his usual great performance on the road once again.

Congratulations to all ye Pirates!!! See ye all in San Nicolaas.