Last lap in Oranjestad

Oranjestad last lap
Oranjestad last lap

After receiving the fantastic news that Los Laga Bai once again reclaimed the prize of Jolliest Group during the parade of San Nicolaas and finishing in 3rd place, the Sultans went on the streets of Oranjestad to celebrate and show the Aruban people that we can do this trick TWICE.

Not only did Los Laga Bai reclaim the title of jolliest group during the San Nicolaas parade but we also took this title in Oranjestad to clear any doubts in anyone’s mind that we are definitely the group that has more fun during the parade. In Oranjestad we also took the 4th place of “Grupo Campion”.

And although Robert & Solo Banda Show did not officially take the title of Band of the Year again there is no doubt in anybody’s mind who had the best sound and music repertoire during both parades.

Los Laga Bai would like to thank all its participants for their participation and the jolliness they have put into the group to again make this a wonderful carnival season. We would also like to thank all our fantastic sponsors. Without their help this would not have been possible. Thanks to every one who in some way or another helped the Los Laga Bai organization. See you all next carnival season for our 25th anniversary. We will be keeping you posted on this website.