Off to a good start at Lighting Parade

LLB shines during Lighting Parade
LLB shines during Lighting Parade

After a magnificent Lighting Parade of Saturday night we can honestly say that are off to a good start for our 25th anniversary celebration. Los Laga Bai was as tradition group number 1 for the Lighting Parade and as usualy we warmed the public up with our “Ambiente” and the always incredible sound of Robert & Solo Banda Show.

We are really glad to see that most people decorated their costumes with as much lights as possible. Which of course is the whole idea of the “Lighting Parade”. For that we applaud all those efforts and creativity. This has greatly improved the way the public has experienced the whole Lighting Parade.

We can confidently say that Los Laga Bai has once again demonstrated why we are the “opening act” of the Lighting Parade.

More information will be available on the website during the week concerning the last lap weekend! Keep posted.