Parade line up

The official line ups for Aruba’s carnival parades have been announced. Los Laga Bai will participate in the Lighting Parade, San Nicolas and Oranjestad big parades.For the Lighting Parade Los Laga Bai will traditionally start as group # 1. We would like to ask all our participants to take good notice of this and therefore to be on time to sign up for your wrist bands. Without this wrist band you will NOT receive service at the bar. We have a lot of participants this year and we don’t want to register participants half way in the parade.

For the San Nicolas parade Los Laga Bai will join Morgan’s Island Aqua Park as group # 9 and for the Oranjestad parade we will start as group # 11 again together with Morgan’s Island Aqua Park. For these two parade we also request our participants to be on time to register for the parade. The persons registering participants will only be walking around with the registration sheets at the beginning of the parade. After that they would also like to enjoy the parade.

ParadeDateGroup #
Lighting ParadeFeb 14, 20091
San NicolasFeb 21, 20099
OranjestadFeb 22, 200911