Ambiente in San Nicolas

LLB people having fun
LLB people having fun

On Monday February 23, 2009 SAC announced the prizes for this year’s carnival season. Although we expected huge competition from other groups this year in the category of ambiente we end up taking the Most Annimated (Ambiente) group in San Nicolas again. Los Laga Bai hasn’t lost in this category in San Nicolas in 6 years including this one.

Unfortunately we did not take the ambiente prize in Oranjestad. SAC judges found Tsunami Carnival Group deserved this prize. We would like to congratulate Tsunami Carnival Group for this achievement considering that they put together this group three days before the big weekend of carnival. The last couple of year we have seen more groups being formed that have the same principle as Los Laga Bai, as being a group that joins carnival to have fun. Dushi Carnival Group which was formed last year also had the same principle when they started.

Aside from the Ambiente Prize, we also took 4th place in the “Massa” prize.

Los Laga Bai would like to congratulate all winners of this year’s carnival season and we hope to see you all back in 2010. We will be back to take back our Ambiente Prize for both parades!