Cool down party

Robert confirming his commitment with LLB
Robert confirming his commitment with LLB

On the Sunday evening after the big parade in Oranjestad, most of the Los Laga Bai participants had enough strenght to attend our traditional Cool Down Party at Pirates Nest at the Bucuti Beach Hotel. Here the participants were welcomed with an BBQ buffet specially prepared by Bucuti chefs for the hungry trupials who just had two parades under their wings.

In the background Eric Boeldak had a big screen projector showing slide shows of all the pictures he took during the whole carnival season of Los Laga Bai.

After everybody had a well-deserved meal, the Los Laga Bai members proceeded with the official part. We started by calling Greg Peterson of the Red Cross of Aruba to come forward so we can give him our annual donation for the Red Cross. Also two persons of Funari were present to receive a donation from the Los Laga Bai group.

Everybody was anxious to know who were going to be the winners of the Best Decorated Costume. Both (Female and Male) received a free participation for next years carnival season with Los Laga Bai. We also award the persons who have celebrated their 20th participation with Los Laga Bai. When it came the moment for Robert to thank all participants and give his speech, he assured all participants once more of his participation with Los Laga Bai next year.

After the official part of the night, the dance floor was opened for the real die hard carnival fans to “Bai Plat” once more.