Heineken launches new cans for parades

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New Heineken cans
New Heineken cans

During the press release of Hebbe Hebbe at Manuelito’s Sportsbar Heineken launched its new Heineken cans that will be used exclusively by two groups during the parades of carnival 56. Los Laga Bai and TOB are both officially sponsored by Heineken Beer and will be the only groups using these specially designed cans this year. The cans are in the form of a bottle but are actually cans.

Representatives of both carnival groups were present at Manuelito’s to toast at the official lauch of the new cans (bottles?!).

At this occasion we took the opportunity to hand out our new polo shirts, caps and stickers to Ruben Garcia who was also present, for his efforts and support towards Heineken and Los Laga Bai during his carnival program.