Lighting the streets of Oranjestad

Lighting parade fun
Lighting parade fun

Last Saturday February 6, 2010 Los Laga Bai opened once again Aruba’s Lighting Parade in great style. Once more Los Laga Bai showed off a big group where almost everybody had more than enough lights to maintain this parade as a true “Lighting” Parade.

As group number 1, Los Laga Bai opened the Lighting Parade with the usual ambiente that we are known for. All participants seem to have fun and were enjoying themselves all out.

We cannot forget to mention the awesome sound that Robert & Solo Banda Show came with during this night. Robert debuted on the road this year with an incredible sound and a repertoire that cannot be matched during the parade. They were instrumental in putting the ambiente into this carnival season for Los Laga Bai. Great job guys!!! Keep it up, we want to see more this coming weekend.

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