Band of the year

Robert Jeand'or
Robert Jeand’or

Robert & Solo Banda Show received their 5th “Band of the Year” award this carnival season. How does a band receive so many “Band of the Year” awards considering that they only play for Los Laga Bai at the Lighting Parade and during the big weekend?

First of all, they play live music during all parades. No machines doing all the work on this trailer.

Secondly, they can play EVERYTHING from Oreo and Le Groove to Next Level and Youth Extreme. They played about 8 different songs during all parades. You don’t hear the same song more than 2 or 3 times during one parade.

They can improvise on various songs during the parades and see what the participants like.

Put all these things together with the amazing sound setup of

and you got yourself the number one band during carnival. So there is no surprise that they win the “Band of the Year” award so many times. And it also explains how they can lift Los Laga Bai up to the point where they take home the prize of “Ambiente” again and again.

We know we said it before but it must be said many times because it’s true….you guys are the best!! Congratulations to Robet Jeand’or for directing a band of talented musicians all year around but specially during carnival for Los Laga Bai. And congratulations for taking home once again the award for “BAND OF THE YEAR“. You definitely deserve it.

You may not be able to hear through pictures but you sure can feel it when you see it. Enjoy.