Parade Line-up

2011-01-25-parade-lineup01The line-up for all the big parades has been published. During Tivoli’s Lighting Parade Los Laga Bai is traditionally the first group to start the parade. This will not change this year.

Lighting Parade (Feb 26, 2011) – Number 1

Last week at the office of SAC the line-up for the other big day parades was announced. So far, there is a total number of 17 participanting groups during the big parades in San Nicolas and Oranjestad.

Los Laga Bai got the following numbers for the parades:

San Nicolas (Feb 5, 2011) – Number 5

Oranjestad (Feb 6, 2011) – Number 11

We would like to request all participants to be on time to register at the beginning of our group (usually around the opening banner of Los Laga Bai). When you register you will get your wristband in order to be able to receive bar service and not be kicked out of the group by our security.