It’s time to cool down

Los Laga Bai team
Los Laga Bai team

After two exhausting days of parading in San Nicolas and Oranjestad it was time to cool down, have some good food and sit down to discuss all the joyful moments we had during this long carnival period. Los Laga Bai always organizes its cool down party with a BBQ at the Pirates Nest (Bucuti Beach Resort) at the end of the Oranjestad parade.

During this BBQ party we give out trophies to those participants who have reached the magical number of 20 times participating with us. This year 4 people have reached that magical number which are Lily Polsbroek, Eveline Zievinger, Boy Maduro and Glenn Maduro. We would like to thank these participants for being with us so long and look forward to see them for many more years.

We also announce the winners of the best costume prize. These are the two participants (female and male) who decorated their costume the best and managed to stick to the original design. The female winner of this year is Wicha Ponson-Wever and the male winner of this year was Aldrin Maduro. Both winners receive a free participation (materials not included) for next year when Los Laga Bai will be celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary. Congratulations to both winners.

Then it was time for the traditional question from John Fingal to Robert Jeand’or: “Is Robert Jeand’or & Solo Banda Show playing for Los Laga Bai next year?” As everybody already knew the answer, Robert confirmed with a “yes” and all the participants applauded to express their enthousiasm to the news that Robert Jeand’or & Solo Banda will be playing with Los Laga Bai again.

Then, just when you thought eveybody was tired and ready to go home…..we were mistake….it was time to hit the dance floor once again to the tunes of Whoot Whoot and other carnival hits of this year. There is a reason why we are the “REYNAN DI AMBIENTE!!!!”