Presenting Piscadornan di Hadicurari

Piscadornan di Hadicurari
Piscadornan di Hadicurari

After a few years of looking beyond our seas for inspiration for our costume design, this year Los Laga Bai has once again taken our Aruban culture as the main inspiration for our 2012 costume design. “Piscadornan di Hadicurari” is a design by Gershwin Lee (a loyal participant of Los Laga Bai) with the help of John John Flemming (a well-known carnivalist). Together they have created a design that honors our local fishermen. With this design Los Laga Bai will kick start it’s 30th anniversary celebration in Aruba’s carnival, an unprecendented achievement for any carnival group in Aruba.

The designers have pointed out that Aruba has two main lines of fishermen. Those from the district of Savaneta who mainly use fishing lines to fish at the bottom of the seas and those from the district of Noord who mainly use nets to fish in more shallow waters. Our design is based on the firshermen of the Noord district, hence the name “Piscadornan di Hadicurari”.

The skirt of the female costume has various layers with various tones of blue which will represent our beautiful tropical sea. The male participant will have a typical Aruban fishermen trousers. The yellow touch will represent the Aruban sun which is always shining. The design is combined with the color silver which represents the shine that the fish reflects in the face of our sun. Both female and male participants will have a silver fishing net hanging from their backs filled with various types of fish we find around Aruba and also pearls which is the oficial precious stone representing 30 years.

Our fishermen cannot be complete without the famous “crioyo” fishing boats that we see ankered all around our island. The headpiece of our design will be the fishing boat that sits as a crown on top of each participant. As a detail, all participants will have to give their boat a name which according to tradition must be the name of a woman. The number of each boat will indicate the special celebration of Los Laga Bai for this year: LLB 30.

With the support of all our loyal sponsors, the 100% live sound of Robert Jeand’or y su Solo Banda Show and the unmatched “ambiente” of its participants, Los Laga Bai is once again ready to celebrate Aruba’s 58th carnival season.

Congratulations to all Los Laga Bai participants.