Big Carnival Weekend

Big weekend
Big weekend

And so carnival 58 goes into history books. Despite some issues concerning this particular carnival season Los Laga Bai continued with its celebration as usual. It was a beautiful carnival just like last year. The various carnival groups put together a spectacular show on the road to display their beautiful costumes. We would like to congratulate all the carnival groups with this great effort to make our carnival one of the most beautifull in the Caribbean.

Los Laga Bai of course does not take any credit for making this carnival 58 beautiful or luxurious…. as usual. We stuck to what we do best and that is “having fun”, spreading joy along the carnival route and being the jolliest group during the parades.

This year again Los Laga Bai did not dissappoint it’s fans and took home both prizes for “Ambiente” in San Nicolas and Oranjestad. The award for “Grupo mas Anima” was eliminated this year after its last year debut. We still don’t know what the difference was.

Besides taking the usual “Ambiente” prizes Los Laga Bai also achieved another huge award this year. It is the first time that SAC has awarded a prize for “Creativity” and we were the first ones to take this award home. This we owe completely to our 410 participants who use their creativity to create all the various types of headpieces and decorations we saw during the parades. This one is for all of you!!

And last but not least we also took home the award for biggest group both in San Nicolas and Oranjestad.

With the “Ambiente” prize in San Nicolas we have now conquered 9 consecutive years of “Ambiente” in the city of San Nicolas. This is certainly a great achievement for Los Laga Bai. San Nicolas, thank you for letting us have so much fun during your parade. We love you San Nicolas!!!

We have updated our website with all the pictures that were taken during this big weekend. There are about a 1,000 pictures of all our participants dancing and enjoying their carnival. Please visit our gallery to see all the pictures.