Lighting parade Los Laga Bai style

LLB style
LLB style

Last weekend Aruba celebrated yet another fantastic Lighting Parade in the streets of Oranjestad. Los Laga Bai was once again full of “ambiente” during this parade. Although many participants did not completely finish their costume, all participants showed off their tremendous fantasy and creativity in the making of their headpieces. We are very happy to see all this effort in pimping their costumes and excited to see what they will come up with this coming weekend.

Robert Jeand’or & Solo Banda Show played a good variety of old but very good carnival songs during the parade including of course our own group anthem…..LOS LAGA BAI ON THE ROAD…LOS LAGA BAI!!! This year he also delighted the participants with his new carnival hit specially made for Los Laga Bai’s Piscadornan…REMA!!

This weekend carnival will reach its climax with the grand parades in San Nicolas on Saturday and Oranjestad on Sunday. We expect to start off with a bang during San Nicolas’ parade. We hope to see all the participants ready to hit the road hard this coming weekend during the big carnival weekend of Aruba’s 58th carnival. We would like to remind our participants that Los Laga Bai is group # 3 at the San Nicolas parade and Oranjestad parade. We can’t stress this enough but we request our participants to be there on time so you can get registered early so we can enjoy the parade also.

Till then, enjoy the pictures of the Lighting Parade in our “Gallery” section.