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Press conference Quota Club of Aruba
Press conference Quota Club of Aruba

During the 2012 carnival season Los Laga Bai was surprised by Quota Club of Aruba with a special recognition. We were invited by the lovely ladies of Quota Club to a press conference. The Quota Club of Aruba is celebrating 25 years this years and for this occasion they wanted to say thanks to various people and businesses who helped them since their establishment.

Quota Club first wanted to recognize Aruba Way (Valero Charity Fund) and WEB for donating earplugs to them for the last couple of years. These earplugs are consequently donated by Quota to the police force of Aruba to be used during the carnival parades of Aruba’s carnival.

Los Laga Bai was recognized for being the only carnival group in Aruba who for years has been purchasing earplugs for its participants. We provide these earplugs to all our participants at the beginning of each parade. This way we help our participants protect their hearing and at the same time we contribute to the purpose of Quota Club of Aruba. Robert Jeand’or was also recognized on this occasion for being a responsible musician who also uses and supports the use of earplugs during the parades.

We received a nice picture collage of Quota Club for contributing to their cause for many years. We wanted to thank Quota Club for this recognition and once again congratulate them on their 25th anniversary.