Enjoying the final weekend of carnival 59


Los Laga Bai just celebrated its final weekend of carnival 59. With all the heat of the Aruban sun during both the San Nicolas and Oranjestad parades, our participants knew as always how to celebrate and have the best time.

In San Nicolas we paraded with all the ambiente as we usually do and this lead us to take for a unprecendented 10th time in a row the “Ambiente” prize in San Nicolas. In Oranjestad this prize was taken by Dushi Carnival Group for which we would like to congratulate them. Enjoy it, since next year Los Laga Bai will be back to take both prizes home.

And althought SAC did not give this prize away this year, Los Laga Bai also clearly won carnival’s biggest group. We paraded both weekends with a total of 395 participants.

We would also like to congratulate Robert & Su Solo Banda Show who once again put all the “Ambiente” during all the parades. Our participants jumped to the tunes of 100% “Hala un banda, ta Solo Banda” and also the public enjoying tremendously when we passed in front of them.

Here are a few pictures of this weekend.