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2013-12-03-fakkeloptochtYou asked for it and Los Laga Bai delivers. After many years we have finally decided that for carnival 60 we have to participate in the “Fakkel Optocht”. Our theme will be the same as for the regular parades: Celebration Around the Clock. The participation fee for Fakkel with Los Laga Bai will be Awg. 100. This participation fee includes:

  • 10 drinks ticket attached to wristbands
  • LED lighted T-shirt
  • LED lighted Fedora Hat
  • Glowstick

The bar will include Heineken Beer, Wine, Soft drinks, Soda, juice and water.

And of course Los Laga Bai will be accompanied by the one and only 100% live, Robert & Su Solo Banda Show.

We will be accepting no more than 500 participants. This coming Saturday December 7 you will have to opportunity to register for this parade. All the materials will be distributed on January 4, 2014. We hope to see you at Centro Kibrahacha to sign up.