A special thank you note

2014-03-15-thank-youAnd this is how you celebrate carnival 60! Los Laga Bai had another amazing carnival season this year celebrating Aruba’s 60th carnival.

This is the time to say thanks to all the Los Laga Bai volunteers, personnel, entities, sponsors, band members and anyone else who in some way or another helped us put this big party on the road for the 32nd year in a row.

We a huge number of people to thank:


– Our registration crew at Centro Kibrahacha
– Our technical team (Cunucu Boys) wo make sure our bar and band trailer are in good shape
– Bar tenders both in our main bar and specially the two small bars in the back
– Our crew of volunteers during the parades
– Ramon Becker and Emile Boekhoudt (drivers)
Parade Sponsors

– Romar Trading (Heineken)
– Albo Aruba N.V. / Arubaanse Wegenbouw
– Wema
– Interport Logistics
– Manrique Capriles
– Aruba Lottery

Other persons

– Our Peace Officers who have done a good job keeping our participants safe.
– The LLB girls and guys who made sure our participants were well supplied with drinks during all the parades.
– Yvonne van der Putten and Gershwin Lee, designers for this year’s costume


– Robert Jeand’or & Solo Banda Show, the only band who can put participants and the public go wild
– Bencho Giel, the man in charge of the incredible sound
– DJ Jansen, the person in charge of music at our parties

And last but not least, we would like to thank all our 475 participants who have celebrated carnival 60 with Los Laga Bai.

We hope that we have not forgotten anyone.