Best costume winners

2014-03-11-best-costume-winnersEvery year Los Laga Bai elects its best female and male costume winners between the participants of the group. The winners are those participant who best kept the original design of that years costume while adding the nicest decorations, accesoires and final touches to the their costume.

Some participants had beautiful decorations but unfortunately changed the original design too much and therefore are not qualified to win the best costume winner. This year was particularly difficult to select the winners for this last reason.

So what do the winners of the best costume prize get? Basically, they get to participate in next years’ carnival (61) with Los Laga Bai for “almost” free. The only thing they will have to pay is their material package.

The winners of this year best female and male costume are Carol Kelly and Victor Kelly, both pictured above. And no, they are not related to each other. Congratulations to both participants, we enjoyed your creations and decorations. We are more than happy to welcome you both back next year .