Un Explosion di Ambiente

It’s August and if you thought Los Laga Bai was sleeping, taking a vacation or just plainly forgot about the next carnival….think again. We have been working as usual to prepare our next theme for carnival 61.

Los Laga Bai is proud the present to you our theme for carnival 61: Un Explosion di Ambiente


It was created by a very creative student of Colegio San Antonio called Tessa Leon and presented by Gershwin Lee.

Tessa asked some participants about their expectations regarding the costume for 2015 and they came back with:

  • Colorful
  • Simple
  • Modern
  • Nice fabrics
  • Space for creativity

With these items in mind this theme was created using 7 colors and combining them with silver. The creator also tried to incorporate “Ambiente” in the costume. This proved to be challenging as “Ambiente” is not something that can be put into word or even a costume. It is something you feel. However, we feel this costume has captured at least a fraction of the “Ambiente” that Los Laga Bai has presented in the last 32 years. The rest of the “Ambiente” will have to come from our participants who undoubtedly will show this during the parades.

But not just simple “Ambiente” but an explosion of “Ambiente”. That is the feeling that every Los Laga Bai participant feels during the parade. This explosion is portrayed in the form of Pop Art which will give the participants a lot of room for creativity.

So there you have it. A very colorful, easy and fun design with a lot of room for creative participants to do their thing. We believe this costume will be yet another memorable costume in the history of Los Laga Bai.

Keep posted for more information during the coming months.