Los Laga Bai raised to legend level

LLB receiving award together with Robert Brown and Claudius Phillips
LLB receiving award together with Robert Brown and Claudius Phillips

This past week during on November 11, 2014, Aruba officially started its 61st carnival season. This year it was SMAC (Stichting Maneho di Aruba su Carnaval), who officially got the permit to organize Aruba’s carnival, that organized an 11-11 event at the Carnival Village in San Nicolas. The event was well attended by the public in general.

During the opening ceremony of this event, SMAC gave recognition to three so-called legends. These were in the following categories:

Los Laga Bai (Group)
Robert (Boedoem) Brown (Group Leader)
Claudius Phillips (Musician)

Los Laga Bai was recognized for its more than 30 years participation in Aruba’s carnival. This is the longest participation record of any existing group in Aruba. We are extremely honored to receive this recognition. Having participated so long in Aruba’s carnival is not something that was easily achieved. During these last 32 years we have to overcome many obstacles to get to the point where we are today. Therefore, we would like to thank the management of SMAC for this recognition.

At the same time we would also like to wish them a lot of strength and good luck in organizing Aruba’s biggest cultural event. We know it will not be easy but we count on you doing your very best.