Line up Lighting parade

While most of you are still working hard at your costumes the LLB team is working hard at the last details for the Lighting Parade weekend. Bar(s) are ready, toilet is ready, Robert & SBS is rehearsing new songs and the rest of us are just preparing our costumes.

Yes, you read it correctly, LLB has a new smaller bar instead of the usual push bars we have in the back of our group. Our technical team has been working hard on this new bar for the last couple of weeks. It’s finally ready to debut.


Also, yes you read it correctly, LLB has finally decided to include a mobile toilet in its line up. Our participants have been requesting us for a mobile toilet for years and now finally we have fulfilled their wish.

We would like to remind all our participants that LLB is group # 2. The parade starts at 8:00PM so be there on time and remember to bring your security wristband.

Line up: Group # 2
Time: 8:00PM