LLB during final weekend

The last weekend of Aruba’s carnival is always the most exciting 3 days in Aruba. This was the first year in which we did not have the traditional Jourvert Morning on Saturday so all groups, bands and participants could focus entirely on the day parade in San Nicolas.

The next day would be the Oranjestad parade on Sunday which for the first time was going to the opposite route as usual. This would be an experiment in the eyes of many groups and participants.

LLB had little problems in setting up early for both parades and prepare for the amazing weekend of carnival. During both parades LLB would be the biggest group with 420 participants. Robert & SBS knew how to turn those 420 participants into a massive “ambiente” machine along the route of both parades.

Participants had some much fun and enjoyed themselves to the max with the repertoire of this year. During the final part of the Oranjestad parade, Easy B (our Soca Monarch of 2015) joined Robert on the band trailer to continue singing his winning soca till the end of the parade. That was an amazing moment for all LLB participants and participants from other groups who at that point were joining the LLB crowd to jump the final 200 – 300 km of the route.

Here are some pictures we took during this final amazing weekend. The gallery contains more pictures of San Nicolas and Oranjestad.