Registration starts for carnival 2016

LLB is proud to announce that we will start registration for carnival 2016 this coming Saturday November 28, 2015. Yes, maybe a little bit earlier this year but taking into consideration that the grand parade in Oranjestad will be on February 7, 2016, we have no time to waste.

The registration fee for this year will be Awg. 650 (Same as last year). The registration location is again Centro Kibrahacha and we will be there from 10:00AM to 4:000PM. As always we suggest anyone who “really” wants to participate with LLB in 2016 to be there on time. We will only accept around 420 participants for 2016.

Materials are here, packages are prepared. The only thing missing is the participants.

Also, we would like to remind everyone that we will also be participating in the Fakkel Parade. This coming year the Fakkel Parade will be on January 2, 2016. The fee for our Fakkel parade group will be Awg. 100.

We hope to see you all this coming Saturday at Centro Kibrahacha.