Fakkel Spectacle

2016-01-05-fakkel2016The year 2016 just opened and we already had our first parade of the 62nd edition of Aruba’s carnival. On Jan 2, 2016 Aruba celebrated the famous Fakkel Parade in which all the carnival groups of Aruba participated.

This was LLB’s 3rd participation at the Fakkel Parade and we participated with a total of 700 enthusiastic participants.  We were the last group in the line up of the parade but that didn’t demotivate our participants. At the end a lot of participants of other groups joined the last 200-300 meters of the parade.

We can definitely call this Fakkel parade another successful one. Here are all the pictures.

We would like to give thanks to all our participants, Robert Jeand’or y Su Solo Banda, Bencho Giel, our sponsors and volunteers, specially the bartenders who busted their butts during this parade. Thank you guys.