Warm up party reminder

2016-01-27-warmup-reminderAruba’s carnival its already in its final weekends. This coming weekend will be the famous Lighting Parade on Saturday night and LLB will be participating of course.

But before we get to the parade we have our annual warm up party at Parke Arawa on the Friday night. This party will start at 8:00PM. Robert Jeand’or & Su Solo Banda Show will be there to delight us with music entertainment. The bar will be in the able hands of our friends of Rode Kruis of Aruba and all proceeds will go to them.

We hope to see everybody there so we can warm those legs up before the parade on Saturday. Remember that the parade on Saturday will start at 8:00PM and we are group # 7 according to the list provided by SMAC. There are a total of 9 groups and a last lap band.