Thank you for another great year

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2016-02-20-thank-you-noteOnce again it has been a great carnival season. Carnival 62 was definitely a short and also a somewhat controversial carnival year. There were a lot of criticism about the changed route (starting at Wendy’s boulevard instead of Dakota), the participation enthusiasm of many groups and of course the last minute cancellation of the biggest music festival on the island: Soca & Caiso Contest.

For us however, it was mostly business as usual. We sold out again in three registration days with a total number of 440 participants. Our participants had fun and the carnival public enjoyed when we were passing by in front of them. So we don’t have much to complain about. In fact we want to take this time to thank many people who made all this possible.

  • Bar crew: Many thanks to our bar crew headed by Rigo Ragunath, Paul (Dadou) Croes and Rudolf Croes.
  • LLB girls & guys: Again our beloved LLB girls did a fantastic job this year.
  • Security team: Thanks to our security team for keeping the whole group safe during the parades.
  • Our drivers: Many thanks to Ramon Becker and his crew of drivers.
  • Quad racer drivers: To our quad racer drivers, thank you!
  • Our winning designers: Thank to the efforts of our winning designers of this year (Lori Pick, Julisa Henriquez and Candice Ryan).
  • Our cunucu boys: Thanks for all the work that has been done during the year on our bars and band trailer.
  • Registration crew: Thanks to our registration crew who have been very busy registering all our participants.
  • Rode Kruis: Thanks to the crew of Aruba Red Cross for their support during the Warm up party.
  • Our sponsors: We cannot forget our precious sponsors:
    • Romar Trading: Everyone at Romar Trading for their cooperation and support (Tirso, Jadira, Patrick).
    • ALBO/AWM: A very very special thanks to ALB/AWM for their support for the last 30 years!!
    • CMB: Many thanks to Javier Wolter, Michael de Cuba and Armin Solognier at CMB.
    • Wema: Thanks to Karel Wever and this staff at Wema.
    • Interport Logistics: Thanks to Stephen Daal for his support.
    • Manrique Capriles: Thanks to Cristine Hintz
    • Lotto Aruba: Thank you Damaris.
    • Best Doctors: Many thanks to Glenn Marugg.
  • Blue Eyes Catering: Thank you Jan Hein for the excellent food at Cool Down party.
  • Dj Jansen: Thanks to Raymond Jansen for the music during Warm up and Cool down party.
  • Bencho Giel: To Bencho, the man in charge of the sound your hear on the road.
  • Robert Jeand’or and SBS: Of course, Robert and his Solo Banda members, many thanks for the “ambiente” during all parades.