Registration is open

2016-12-01-registration-2It’s finally here. LLB is announcing the opening of its registration days. This coming December 3, 2016 will be the first registration day for the public in general.

As always the registration will take place at Centro Kibrahacha from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. The registration price will be Awg. 650 which includes a warm-up party, Lighting Parade, the parades in San Nicolas and Oranjestad and a Cool Down Party.

LLB will also be participating again in the Torch Parade (Fakkel optocht) for the 4th time. The price for this parade is Awg. 100 and includes 10 drinks, a t-shirt, a string of light for decoration and a fedora hat with lights.

Come and celebrate our 35th anniversary participating in Aruba’s carnival. Together with Robert & Su Solo Banda Show we will once again have fun during Carnival 63.