Parade Line Ups

Last night at an event at the SMAC office the groups draw lots for what will be the line up for the two coming final weekends of Aruba’s carnival. We are looking forward for the Lighting Parade on Saturday night and for the two grand parades of the coming weekend. Here is the line up for LLB for the coming parades:

Lighting Parade: No. 3

San Nicolas: No. 4

Oranjestad: No. 8

We would like to remind all participants to bring their wristbands for the Lighting Parade. Without this wristbands you will not receive bar service. At the other parades you will need to register with us at the opening banner of the group in order to receive your wristband.

LLB is going with 500 participants to celebrate it’s 35th anniversary in Aruba’s carnival.