Los Laga Bai theme for Carnival 66

“Aruban Pharaohs, the untold story”

We can look back at a very successful carnival 65 season during which period the “Royalties of Carnival 65” of Los Laga Bai impacted the Aruba Royal carnival festivities due to their infectious exuberance and most of all their magnificent creativity.
This year the party goes on. After celebrating the 65th Carnival anniversary, Los Laga Bai as Aruba’s premier carnival group is here with a new theme to celebrate the 66th carnival of Aruba for which preparations has been done for months in advance to create an outstanding costume using creativity and passion, a final high quality product.
With that in mind Los Laga Bai set out to find a appropriate theme to showcase the love they have for Aruba. A cultural design was brought to life with a mystical carnival touch. “Aruban Pharaohs, the untold story”. Designed by the visual artist/illustrator mr Alfonso de Windt in collaboration with mr Carlos Tromp, a master artistic designer with numerous acknowledgement and masman mr Roberto (Boedoem) Brown, the creative genius that makes the performer and costume become one.

Los Laga Bai Team